• Programmer ACTIVA

    Irrigation controller programmable by time and day of the week, hour, minute and seconds. Can activate different elements intervening in the irrigation management, such as pumps, valves, injectors, mixers, etc. Every element is individually programmed based on sequences, with capacity for 75 activations per day and for each element. CHARACTERISTICS: Programmable by time and day […]

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  • Controller MERIDIAN PLUS

    MERIDIAN is a new concept in irrigation and fertigation management with pH and EC control, which combines both the price of a traditional monitor and keyboard controller and the high performance of a “hydrocomptuer”, but controlled by a TACTILE TOUCH-SCREEN. This means an easy and dynamic management of the system by the user Designed to […]

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  • Hydrocomputer SUPRA

    This controller is a complete management tool that uses a unique hardware and software design. The former is composed of INDUSTRIAL PC and the latter of powerful software PLC based on Windows and different application programs developed under such computer platform. Can control, simultaneously and independently, up 9 complete installations, either in open fields or […]

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