Machines for advanced Nutrient Dosing NUTRICOMPACT

NUTRICOMPACT Equipment (Magnetic Pumps)


  • The most reliable and precise method of fertilizers injection.
  • Compact, stainless steel frame
  • Its operation program from the controllers SUPRA or MERIDIAN.
  • Simultaneous injection of up to 10 fertilizer solutions and 1 acid solution, according to various criteria:
  • Magnetic Pumps
  • Fertilizer Electrovalves
  • Columns (control EC model)
  • Electronic Fertilizer Flow Meters (injection proportional to the irrigation volume model)
  • Mixer Tank of the Fertilizer Solution.
  • Fertigation Pump
  • Injection of Phytosanitary products proportionally to the irrigation water.
  • Line of versions according to objectives, precision, flow rate, etc.
  • Double pH & EC probes.