Hidrocomputer SUPRA

Climate Management

Besides the irrigation and fertigation controls, the hydro-computer SUPRA, visualize and record the data of meteorological stations and other weather sensors.

Manage the action of climate control devices such as windows, screens, heat, fog, windows and fans. In combination with the active irrigation and fertigation irrigation on demand.

Climate Sensors and Probes

Fertiriego have a wide range of weather sensors, such as humidity and temperature probes, soil moisture probes, sensors, solar radiation, CO2 sensor, probe and drainage volume, etc., either plug SUPRA or MERIDIAN automatism and configurable to activate irrigation and fertigation programs.

New Climate Programming System:

  • Control system to anticipate future events based on the information stored by the system.
  • Making easy the transition between the changes in the conditions programmed for different periods.
  • On command climate goals, the system links related elements for achieving them.
  • Interrelated, parameters and existing elements in the property, such as windows, screens, etc.