They are designed to increase the efficiency in the management of resources: water, nutrients, and environment. Commercially, and on a practical basis, we group our products into the following categories:

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    This is a line of compact-type machines for dosing solutions of fertilizers, acids and, optionally, other Phytosanitary products. They are recommended for advanced fertigation with pH and EC control, application of fertilizers by volume (litters of fertilizers x irrigation m3 of water), etc…

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  • Water Treatment

    We design and manufacture equipment for recovery and reuse, water purification, using technologies such as: Reverse Osmosis for desalination of seawater and brackish water with high salt content. Ultra filtration and Microfiltration to bring water with turbidity and high colloidal content and ultra filtration for bacteria. Disinfection by ultraviolet lamps. Aerobic and anaerobic digesters to […]

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  • Irrigation Trains

    These irrigation systems allow for a perfectly localized distribution of water, for the production of seedlings in tray beds. Trains work commanded from the hydrocomptuer SUPRA or the Controller MERIDIAN Moving Train through two aluminium rails on which to suspend the train hall. Program up to 8 speeds to move the irrigation train, with soft […]

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  • Irrigation communities

    Fertiriego offers an efficient solution to the management needs of irrigation communities. Our system allows for the automatic operation of tasks as, water supply, consumption readings and records, shifts control, invoicing, etc. This is achieved by connecting a Central System that controls the global functioning and a Remote System that operates the gates to each […]

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