Hydrocomputer SUPRA

This controller is a complete management tool that uses a unique hardware and software design. The former is composed of INDUSTRIAL PC and the latter of powerful software PLC based on Windows and different application programs developed under such computer platform.

Can control, simultaneously and independently, up 9 complete installations, either in open fields or in greenhouses. And allows sharing components among these facilities, such as pumps, fertilizer tanks, filters, flow meters, etc.

Because of its modular, flexible, and updateable character, the SUPRA is bought only once, and will growth along with your farm.


  • Powerful tool for the integrated management of irrigation, fertigation, and climate control.
  • Can activate more than 1.000 outputs and inputs, analogical or digital.
  • Comes in different versions according to the number and type of devices it has to control and their location.
  • Modular versions, SUPRA 32, 64, 96, 128, etc.
  • Great flexibility of configuration and operation.
  • Main screen with complete information, indicating:
    • Active pumps.
    • Accumulated volume.
    • Instant flow.
    • Inlet and outlet pressure.
    • Sector being irrigated and its valves.
    • Irrigating and remaining time.
    • Fertigation details.
  • Statistical registers of all past events.
  • Storage capacity of several years of statistics.
  • Software program to make reports and graphs.
  • Communication via by means of cable, radio, GSM, INTERNET, WIFI, and others.
  • Works with 220 or 110 VAC power supply.

Supplied As:

  • Mounted on automatic/manual switchboard with or without Serigraphy.