MERIDIAN is a new concept in irrigation and fertigation management with pH and EC control, which combines both the price of a traditional monitor and keyboard controller and the high performance of a “hydrocomptuer”, but controlled by a TACTILE TOUCH-SCREEN. This means an easy and dynamic management of the system by the user

Designed to manage the complete irrigation, fertigation and climate system. Fertilization can be programmed by several methods, such as time, proportional volume/flow, balance formulas with pH/EC control, and others.


  • Complete Irrigation and  fertigation up to 3 independent Pumping Stations. 
  • Version of 32, 64 or 96 outputs, programmable for various elements.
  • Unlimited number of irrigation programs, 50 sectors per program, unlimited association of pumps and valves.
  • Filter cleaning by differential pressure or by irrigation time.
  • Control of up to 5 fertilizer injectors, one acid and 3 Phytosanitary products.
  • Fertigation by various criteria:
    • Injection time.
    • Control pH
    • Control EC (Balance of nutrients combined with desired EC or incremental EC to incoming irrigation water.)
    • Injection proportional to irrigation flow/volume (litters of fertilizer * irrigation m3)
    • others
  • Alarms indicating set point, tolerance, and delays, with SMS messaging programmable effects, such as total or partial stop,
  • Statistical recording of all events:

Supplied As:

  • Single unit
  • In plastic box
  • Mounted on automatic/manual switchboard with or without Serigraphy.