Programmer ACTIVA

Irrigation controller programmable by time and day of the week, hour, minute and seconds.

Can activate different elements intervening in the irrigation management, such as pumps, valves, injectors, mixers, etc. Every element is individually programmed based on sequences, with capacity for 75 activations per day and for each element.


  • Programmable by time and day of the week, start and end hour.
  • 16 outputs for elements
  • 4 digital inputs
  • Permit a GSM Modem connecting for sent alarms SMS messages
  • Programming of up to 75 activations per element (output).
  • Allows programming delays to connection and disconnection of all outputs.
  • Automatic activation of general output if required by another element (i.e. field valve).
  • Before a power supply shut-off, can recover lost activations or continue according to schedule.
  • 2×16 LCD screen and 16 keys keyboard.
  • Power 220/110 VAC or 12 VCC with rechargeable battery.

Supplied As:

  • Single unit
  • In plastic box.
  • Mounted on automatic/manual switchboard with or without Serigraphy.